What is HPP?

Nov 9th 2014

HPP stands for High Pressure Pasteurization. HPP is becoming more common in both the human and pet food industries. HPP is a process that takes a completed food product already in its packaging, inserts the product into a sealed chamber, then puts extreme pressure on it to cause any bacteria cells to rupture. This prevents contamination. In theory, the idea sounds great. The question with protein products is: if the pressure exerted does cause the bacteria to rupture, what’s happening to the protein molecules in the product? And how does that change the molecules composition?

We do not use HPP on our Hoo-Raw patties! Using safe manufacturing practices and high quality USDA inspected ingredients, we prefer to minimize any bacteria risk on the front side. HPP is a relatively new process with very little information available as to the long term effects of eating foods that have been subjected to that cell rupturing process. While the jury is still out on the long term effects of eating a food product subjected to HPP, all can agree that the process does denature the proteins. The severity of denaturation is proportional to the extreme conditions the protein is subjected to during processing.

Logically, it makes sense that any raw food subjected to either an extreme temperature in processing (as is the case with most kibbled pet food) or extreme physical processing (HPP) can not have the same nutritional value.

We, of course, have our opinions at Big Bear Pet. We encourage you to do your research, become informed about what is happening not only to your pets food but also your very own!

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