Nutrients vs. Ingredients

Nov 9th 2014

I have heard this argument frequently in the last few months. The articles I have seen all seem to indicate that it is the nutrients that are important NOT the ingredients. Really?? How can you logically compose synthetic vitamins and minerals added to food versus vitamins and minerals coming directly from the INGREDIENTS? How does the amino acid profile of whole muscle meat compare to meat meal of by-product meal?

The pet food industry is a multi-billion dollar industry with millions spent on advertising trying to convince consumers their product is best. Most companies show gorgeous pictures of human food; fresh meat, fresh fruits and vegetables. But most grocery store, big box, or prescription diets couldn’t be farther from the truth. Pet food labels can be very misleading and confusing but if the ingredient list has any type of by-product listed: corn, soy, corn gluten, corn meal then followed by a bunch of additives, you can’t say then “time to find a new pet food with better ingredients" because the nutrients are from artificial sources. The nutrients are too difficult for your pet to digest and assimilate.

Watch for our upcoming articles that help understand the meat section of the ingredient list and what the AAFCO statement “complete and balanced” means.

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