KatManFood is a new concept in cat food.  We start with all human edible ingredients and gently cook, then freeze for optimum freshness and palatability for your feline friend.  We use only the best ingredients and add nothing artificial -- all the nutrition comes from real food!  We manufacture in a USDA/FDA facility during inspection hours to human food standards.  We use only biodegradable packaging for our cooked foods as well.  



*Less stinky poop

*Nutrition from real food - nothing artificial added!

*Provides adequate moisture in the diet

*Cats love it!  






Big Bear Pet Company was started with a desire to feed animals with the best possible ingredients for optimum digestibility, health and nutrition.  We use only human edible ingredients in our pet foods and manufacture in USDA human food plants under inspection hours  for maximum safety.

KatManFood was created for a variety of reasons.  First and foremost to help cats transition to a raw food diet.  We still believe a raw diet it the optimum for pets - that said cats are tricky sometimes to get them to that stage so KatManFood provides a wonderful way to transition with a great in between stage of canned cat food and raw food.

Some cats due to age or health concerns are not good candidates for a raw diet and KatManFood provides a healthy alternative since we use no preservatives , flavor enhancers or artificial ingredients.  All the nutrition comes from real food.



Chicken/Salmon: Chicken, Salmon, Chicken broth, Chicken heart, Chicken liver, Cod Liver Oil, Bone meal, Vitamin E.

Chicken: Chicken, Chicken heart, Chicken liver, Chicken broth, Cod Liver Oil, Bone meal, Vitamin E




Crude Protein (min) 18%     Crude Fiber (max) 7.5%

Crude Fat (min) 6%   Moisture (max)73%  Ash (max)2.5%


Crude Protein (min) 23%   Crude Fiber (max) 2%

Crude Fat (min) 4%   Moisture (max) 70%  Ash (max) 3%


KatManFood is labeled for intermittent and supplemental feeding since we do not do the full nutrient panel testing required by AAFCO to be labeled complete and balanced.  We do test for adequate levels of Taurine which is critical for cats, and fat soluble vitamins.



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