Hoo-RAW! was created with a desire to feed dogs and cats a natural, highly digestible diet using primarily whole muscle meat along with organ meat, bone, and montmorillonite clay to mimic what your pet would eat if living in the wild.  

Our meat if fed alone follows the prey model diet.  For dog owners wanting to add vegetables to their pet's diet, we offer our Auntie's Pet Kitchen brand dehydrated vegetable and fruit and vegetable blends for your convenience.  All of our dehydrated products are of the highest quality.  They are GMO free, certified Kosher, and are number one human quality food.

Our meats for both our cat and dog foods are locally sourced, grass fed, with NO added hormones or antibiotics.  Hoo-RAW! is produced in a USDA/FDA facility under inspection hours to human food standards.  Because we choose to produce to these standards all of our ingredients are inspected and must be human edible.

We are more expensive than some of our competitors, however we use only whole muscle meat - NO pre-ground meat, NO mechanically separated meat, NO denatured meat, and we do not use HPP (High Pressure Pasteurization) on our finished product.  Every batch of food we produce is tested for EColi and Salmonella at a minimum.  We randomly test for Listeria.


Hoo-RAW Dog Foods:

We offer Hoo-RAW! in three protein choices:  Beef, Bison and Lamb

Beef Ingredients:  Beef, beef hearts, ground beef bone, beef kidney, beef liver, montmorillonite clay.   

     Calories:  65 cal/oz                  Ca:P Ratio:   1.53:1


Bison Ingredients:  Bison, bison hearts, ground bison bone, bison kidney, bison liver, montmorillonite clay.

     Calories:  60 cal/oz               Ca:P Ratio:  1.4:1


Lamb Ingredients:  Lamb, lamb hearts, ground lamb bone, lamb kidney, lamb liver, montmorillonite clay.

     Calories:  55 cal/oz               Ca:P Ratio:  1.4:1


Hoo-RAW! One Step Coming Soon!

We wanted to make feeding simple so we made the meat and veggie blend for you!  Beef and Lamb varieties coming in November 2017. 


Hoo-RAW! Cat Foods

Hoo-RAW! Cat foods were designed after the chemical composition of a mouse!  The proportion of meat and organ meat is that of a mouse.  We added a small amount of egg to round out the nutrient profile of amino acids and a small amount of pumpkin and parsley to mimic stomach contents.  Hoo-RAW cat is available in three proteins - Beef, Lamb and Chicken/Turkey.  

Beef Ingredients:  Beef, beef heart, beef liver, beef bone dust, dried egg, pumpkin, beef kidney, parsley.

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein (min) 17.5%     Crude Fat (min) 8.5%     Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%     Moisture (max) 73%     Ash (max) 3%

Ca:P Ratio:  1:1


Chicken/Turkey Ingredients:  turkey, chicken trim with bone, chicken liver, chicken heart, dried egg, pumpkin, parsley.

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein (min) 15%     Crude Fat (min) 8%    Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%      Moisture (max)  77%     Ash (max) 2.5%

Ca:P Ratio:  1.28:1


Lamb Ingredients:  Lamb, lamb heart, lamb liver, lamb bone dust, dried egg, pumplin, lamb kidney, parsley.

Guaranteed Analysis:  Crude Protein (min)  18.5%   Crude Fat (min) 12%    Crude Fiber (max) 3%     Moisture (max) 66%    Ash (max) 3%

Ca:P Ratio:   1:1