Hoo-RAW! Beef Bricks for Dogs


Product Overview

Hoo-RAW Frozen Beef Bricks for dogs is feeding made easy, just thaw and serve. Our bricks can be fed alone as part of the prey-model diet or combined with our Auntie's Pet Kitchen dehydrated blends for a more complete and balanced diet. Beef is locally raised, grass fed, hormone free and antibiotic free. All our patties are processed in a USDA human facility and meet the highest standards for food quality and safety. We do NOT use HPP (high pressure pasteurization on any of our meat products.

Available in a 1lb package, individually vacuum packed.

Ingredients:  Beef, beef heart, ground beef bone, beef kidney, beef liver, montmorillonite clay.

Guaranteed analysis:  Crude Protein (min) 17%   Crude Fat (min)  15%   Crude Fiber  (max) 2%  Moisture (max) 63%

Ca:P Ratio  1.53:1    65 Cal/oz


Our foods made the 2016 Truth About Pet Food list!  This is an independent review of pet food companies and their foods.  If you are not familiar with Susan Thixton's work it is worth checking out at http:www.truthaboutpetfood.com

*We made the list again for 2017!


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You will not see Big Bear on the 2018 List - Susan had an old email and with moving my home and business we mis-communicated and the list was published by the time I realized what had happened.  Nothing has changed with our products or testing - in fact we continue to do more!  Please look for us again in 2019! 

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