Frequently Asked Questions

Why Raw?

A raw diet with all the nutrients intact gives dogs and cats the essential protein, vitamins and minerals they need for energy, vitality, and health.  For bright eyes, shiny coats, and strong healthy teeth and bones - feed them raw!  A raw diet mimics the simplicity of nature.

Dogs and cats with their simple and short digestive systems are extremely resistant to bacteria so it's perfectly natural and safe to feed your pet a raw food diet.

Another fabulous benefit to a raw diet is the reduced amount of waste to clean up!


Why Hoo-RAW!?

Grass fed meats with NO added hormones or antibiotics (lamb, beef, bison)

Locally sourced

Antibiotic-free, hormone-free poultry

Ingredients from USDA inspected facilities and ALL human-grade

Manufactured in a USDA/FDA facility under inspection hours to human standards

Separate formulas for cats and dogs

All nutrients from food, NO synthetic vitamins added

Animals love it!!


Hoo-RAW! was created from a desire to feed animals the real food they need and want.  Hoo-RAW! is a unique formulation of meat, organ meat, ground bone, and montmorillonite clay that can be fed alone as part of a prey model diet or combine with our Auntie's Pet Kitchen dehydrated blends for a more complete and balanced diet.  Our goal is to feed and eat complete and balanced diets over time, not every single meal.  For our animal companions we believe raw diets come closer than anything else on the market due to minimally processed and superior quality ingredients.

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