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California Earth Minerals - Terramin Clay (Montmorillonite Clay)

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    Terramin Clay is what we use in the Hoo-RAW! dog patties.  I use a human grade clay in the pet food and after I started using the clay myself I decided to offer it to other customers.  What an amazing product!!  Some of the benefits the clay provides:

    • Detoxification throughout your entire body for better metabolism and weight control
    • Kills bacteria on contact and brings your digestive tract into balance
    • Contains the most powerful toxin absorbing clay mineral available
    • Great for eliminating pathogens and many heavy metals from the body
    • All natural, non-allergenic pure ingredients for enhanced healing and well-being
    • Strengthens your immune system
    • Re-mineralizes your body -- over 50 macro, micro and trace elements.

    This powerful colloidal mineral supplement was researched at Cal-Tech University for NASA and approved for use for astronauts in the manned space program.  Terramin is a special digestive tract cleanser that works by the negative ionic charge it contains.  As a result, it can remove many toxins, pathogens and heavy metals while eliminating unwanted bacteria and thoroughly  cleanses your entire digestive tract.  If consumed on a daily basis, Terramin also has the ability to provide calcium to help fortify your bones and strengthen your joints.  It works at the cellular level and has been shown to be highly beneficial in dealing with osteoporosis.

    Not all clays are created equal.  The Terramin Clay has been extensively tested and was negative for heavy metal toxicity.  We currently only carry the 2lb bag of clay.


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