Yummy Frozen Treats!

Posted by Amy Budd on Jun 22nd 2018

Yummy Frozen Treats!

Summer is officially here!  Super easy to make frozen treats for your 4-legged best friend to beat the heat!

Yogurt/Blueberry Treat:

4oz plain yogurt

4oz water

fresh/frozen blueberries

Mix yogurt and water to smooth consistency; pour into mold or ice cube tray; add a few blueberries; freeze and serve!

Peanut Butter Treat:

3oz plain yogurt

4oz peanut butter (watch for added sugars and make sure no xylitol - toxic for dogs)

2oz water

Mix yogurt, peanut butter and water to smooth consistency ( a whisk works great); pour/scrape into mold or ice cube tray; freeze and serve!

Using both recipes above was just enough to fill the mold pictured.  Half with yogurt treats - other half with peanut butter treats.  Perfect!

  Enjoy! and Have fun!!

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