"IT" happens....some ugly truth!

Posted by Amy Budd on Feb 22nd 2015

Yep – that’s poop!Cat poop to be exact.

I can’t honestly believe I snapped pictures and am going to write about poop!So many times when I am talking to pet parents this topic comes up more often than not – so I figured it was time to write about it.

Have you ever had your sweet kitten use the littler box and thought you might have to leave the house for a while?Or wish the little box was in the bathroom where you could close the door and turn on the fan?When you pick up the dog poop in the yard after a week does the smell still elicit a gag reflex? Well – let’s talk about it.

Pet waste (just like human waste) is a function of what goes in the body first.As gross and weird as it sounds – better food in, better waste out.If you pet is eating a lower quality dry kibble the result can be increased gas and a much larger, smellier poop.Kibbled diets are highly processed, cooked at very high temperatures, and typically made with lower quality ingredients. The body has to work much harder to digest this food; this is especially true for cats.Cats are known as obligate carnivores. This means they must eat meat to survive. Cats were designed to get their body moisture from the food they eat.Dogs are a bit more forgiving as they can eat a wider variety of foods and survive, and have the ability to lap up enough water to hydrate themselves.Cats on the other hand if fed a kibble only diet cannot physically drink enough water to adequately hydrate their bodies.Take a look at a poop from a cat fed a kibble only diet.(This is of course not my cat’s poop – a friend of mine that feeds kibble only sent this to me which is what started this whole topic – yes, I do have strange friends!)

So, my handy ruler is not in this picture, but several things of note here, first the diameter of the poop is much larger than the picture below; the volume of poop is far greater; there are multiple poops from one BM (bowel movement); and my friend did say the smell could have cleared a football stadium!

The cat poop in this picture is from my own cat that is fed a raw food diet consisting of fresh meat, organ meat, and ground bone.The poop is one continuous poop; smaller volume; very little odor; and an overall drier consistency.

While I did not run around the yard and take pictures dog poop tells a very similar story.With dogs a firmer, drier poop helps naturally express their anal glands as well!

So what is the point in all this?Healthier food in, gives more efficient waste out and healthier overall pets.When a pet is working so hard to digest a kibbled diet, the body is actually robbed of moisture to get the job done and much of that moisture ends up in the poop.The intestines are leaching water from the body to break down and process the dry food.For cats canned food does indeed help provide that added moisture, however you will still have the volume and smell issue to contend with in the waste.Yes, dry food is very convenient and more inexpensive initially, but it comes with a higher price tag when it comes to your pets health.So many of our pets are suffering from early onset kidney disease, allergies, diabetes, obesity, poor gum health and increased tartar build ups to name just a few health problems.While a raw diet is not for everyone, consider looking into the possibility.A few benefits include: less waste; healthier teeth and gums; easier digestibility; low obesity; reduced shedding.For more information on raw pet foods visit:


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