Pet Foods -- Are You Getting What You Pay For?

Posted by Amy Budd on Nov 9th 2014

Pet Foods -- Are You Getting What You Pay For?With the crazy growth of the Pet Industry – this year anticipated to be over 58 Billion dollars – our pets are not necessarily the beneficiaries. M … read more

AAFCO - Who are they and what do they do?

Nov 9th 2014

AAFCO stands for American Association of Feed Control Officials. It is a board put together primarily on a volunteer basis from USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) employees. AAFCO it … read more

Nutrients vs. Ingredients

Nov 9th 2014

I have heard this argument frequently in the last few months. The articles I have seen all seem to indicate that it is the nutrients that are important NOT the ingredients. Really?? How can you … read more

What is HPP?

Nov 9th 2014

HPP stands for High Pressure Pasteurization. HPP is becoming more common in both the human and pet food industries. HPP is a process that takes a completed food product already in its packaging, … read more
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