Auntie's Pet Kitchen Non-GMO Papaya Paradise


Product Overview

Auntie's Pet Kitchen Papaya Paradise is a best seller - a simple mix of just papaya. No added sugar, no added sulfites. Our papaya is GMO free. Benefits of feeding papaya include regulation of a healthy digestive tract. Papaya can also help regulate an irritable bowel system. The special digestive support comes from the papaya's naturally occuring digestive enzymes, papain and chymopapain. The papain enzymes, along with papaya's natural fiber, helps soothe upset tumies, ease nausea and constipation, and can help keep your pet regular. The chymopapain helps reduce inflammation, making it a great addition for pets with asthma or arthritis.

Our blends can be used with either a kibble or a raw food diet. By feeding our blends with kibble, it will help provide additional fiber and live enzymes for your canine. We recommend feeding this blend with our raw patties for a more complete and balanced diet. Our dehydrated blends allow for easy rotation with your dogs raw diet, just thaw the meat, mix in the veggies, and serve!

Available in a 1.5oz bag or 5oz bag, both come in convenient resealable zipper bags.

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