About Us

Big Bear Pet is a small, privately owned company that only answers to our customers -- both two and four legged -- not a group of investors. The company founder, Amy Budd, has a degree in Animal Science and "accidentally" got into the pet food business.  It was not due to one sick pet, but to a lifetime of dedication to all animals and wanting to provide something better for them.  It started over 15 years ago with baked treats for horses and dogs and evolved many times over the years to bring you the exceptional product lineup we have today. 

We have several different brand names associated with our company.  Our raw food for cats and dogs in sold under the brand name Hoo-RAW!.  Our dehydrated fruit and fruit and veggie blends are sold under the brand name Auntie's Pet Kitchen.  Unfortunately we are not currently baking our Auntie's treats -- we may come back to that in the future, but right now we are concentrating on our food products.  We have gently cooked products for both dogs and cats.  Our cooked dog food is Dawg Food and our cat food is KatManFood.  Both are cooked fresh and immediately frozen.  Our newest product is our dehydrated dog food,  Laramy brand food.  We are working on a dehydrated cat food as well - cats are just a little tougher to please so we are taking our time to do it right!

We are very particular about our processing - we manufacture in USDA/FDA human food facilities to human food standards under inspection hours.  What does that mean for you and your pet?  All ingredients must be human edible to enter the plant.  We use only number one quality ingredients in all our foods and work very hard to provide the highest quality pet food for your family.

Providing quality products to please you and your pets.  That is our bottom line!


Favorite quote:  Food can be the slowest form of poison or the most powerful form of medicine.


*We are dedicated to animals and the people that love and care for them.*





                                              Amy, Ivy and Oshie (Koda is not fond of having his picture taken!) 


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