​ What is Montmorillonite Clay? And Why We Add it to Hoo-Raw!

Nov 9th 2014

The Montmorillonite clay we use in Hoo-Raw! (our raw dog food) is a naturally occurring clay mineral deposit from Southern California. Its been continually formed since prehistoric times when water and snowmelt from the Colorado Rockies transported minerals to their current desert location.

The lower, stratified layers of the clay mineral deposits are an extremely fine particulate and get compacted into rock form. The ionic clay mineral powder is highly absorbent and contains 57 different macro, micro, and trace minerals. This clay was even tested by NASA and approved for astronaut ingestion - the same clay we use in Hoo-Raw!

The benefits of Terramin (<— brand name of the clay we use) provide a two-in-one- effect. The minerals in the clay help strengthen bones, joints, and teeth, as well as the added benefit it provides as a detoxifier. Montmorillonite clay helps clean the digestive tract to improve its function and it helps the nutrients from your pet’s food absorb more efficiently. Because Terramin removes toxins and pathogens that animals ingest, your pet will have more energy and feel better when it eats Hoo-Raw!

We were so excited to find this great product to add to our Hoo-Raw patties. We can provide your pet with a superior nutrition product, either fed alone or with our Auntie’s dehydrated veggie blends.

For more information about the clay we use or to order for your pet click the link.


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